Physician Dispensing



Clinics that provide in-office dispensing with Complete Health Solutions have seen sustained revenue and profit growth of up to 50% – without having to take on additional staff, equipment, or patients. In addition to this direct financial benefit from physician dispensing, clinics also increase patient satisfaction and outcomes which reduces churn, improves reviews, and increases referral patients


Unfortunately, patients do not fill or properly comply with their prescriptions approximately 40% of the time. This delays recovery, increases risk, and can result in unnecessary patient hospitalization. By improving compliance by dispensing medication at the point of care, your patients will enjoy better outcomes. This has further benefits for your practice by incentivizing positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals


Patient satisfaction goes up with physician dispensing with Complete Health Solutions.  In addition to improved outcomes, patients benefit from the convenience of in-office dispensing.  Injured, elderly, or mobility-challenged patients particularly benefit from not having to make an extra trip to the pharmacy, waiting in lines, and waiting for their medication to be dispensed


Physician dispensing with Complete Health Solutions means that it will take approximately two minutes to dispense a prescription, total.  You don’t have to find out the patient’s preferred pharmacy, send them prescriptions, or field verification calls or authorizations. Spend this time instead with patients or growing your practice


Complete Health Solutions’s software tracks your inventory of all of your medications accurately and in real time. Every time you dispense medication at the point of care, the physician dispensing software updates automatically (and, if necessary, automatically reports it to appropriate regulatory bodies). It also has a process built-in that automatically checks that you are dispensing the correct medication and that the medication you are dispensing has not expired


Complete Health Solutions is proud to be recognized for its industry-leading customer service and dedication to finding solutions to customer problems. All of our staff and support are based in our headquarters in Boca Raton, FL. You can contact an account manager by phone or email Monday to Friday from 6am to 6pm and we also have a pharmacist available at all times for any pharmacological issues that might come up. In addition, we provide all of the training you need (which is minimal with Complete Health Solutions’s intuitive system, but we make sure that your staff gets completely up to speed and has ample opportunity to ask questions) both when you’re first getting set up with Complete Health Solutions and on an ongoing basis. Unique in the industry, our account managers have medical clinic experience. So they understand your constraints and incentives, and are committed to practical, real-world solutions to make your dispensing program as successful and profitable as possible. Contact us to get started with our account managers


Ordering medications with Complete Health Solutions’s best-in-class software is simple!  Just log onto our web-based portal from anywhere (by phone, tablet, or computer) and choose your quantity from a drop-down menu.  Shipping is usually free and depending on your location arrives within 1-3 days – based on a very forgiving 5pm PST / 8pm EST order cutoff.  What’s more, our system will track your inventory levels of different medications in real time, and alert you when any of your quantities get low.  You will be amazed by how efficient this process is


Depending on your location, our shipping times range from next day to 2-3 business days. Our order cutoff is a generous 5pm PST / 8pm EST, so there’s plenty of time to get your order in. For most orders, shipping is free. Well over 90% of customer orders are shipped within a day as we have most medications pre-packed in advance. We are almost never out of stock of any medication in our formulary because we have multiple suppliers for most of our medications. Because of this fast, reliable ordering process, your clinic can save money by keeping only a small inventory of medications in-stock

There are many benefits of applying in-office dispensing of medications in your practice, and here are the main ones:

Save your patientstime With pharmaceutical dispensing, the need for the patient to go to the pharmacy and wait in a cue is eliminated.

The patients can simply pay for their medication during their office visit and immediately start their treatment. No need for a trip to the pharmacy, or to wait for the medication.

1,023 adults ages 18 to 64 were asked which option they would prefer: being given the choice between filling their prescription at the retail pharmacy, OR having it filled at their Doctor’s office. 78% of patients answered that they would choose to fill their prescriptions at their doctor’s office, if given the opportunity

In-office dispensing eliminates the tedious task of the physician such as sending prescriptions to the pharmacy, pharmacy request refills, and other taxing paperwork. By reducing these tasks, the physician gets more time to deliver quality care to patients

Since patients receive their medications during their visit doctors will be able to track a patient’s adherence to the treatment. This will also prevent the prescription from being unfulfilled

Doctors dispensing medications in office eliminate 80% of pharmacy call-backs. This saves time for you and your whole team.
By running a point of care dispensing service you will have more time to focus on important aspects of your practice, such as providing care to those who need your attention.
Physician dispensing will also help your employees and provide a better workflow

Patients do not enjoy having the pharmacy technician yell out their name in front of all the other customers. It can be embarrassing.

Confidentiality is important to your patients. By choosing to dispense in office you are showing your patients that you take their privacy seriously and will not violate their rights in any way. Building this trust will give you loyal patients

When you are in control of prescribing and filling medications at your in-office medication dispensing system, you can also make sure you find medications at a lower cost for your patients. You will be able to offer generic and prescriptions brands, whichever you believe will be within the patients’ means.

You can work with insurance companies directly to find a low-cost option to treat your patient and reduce overall healthcare costs

How many patients leave your practice daily with a prescription you’ve written? 50, 75, 100 or more? If you count the number of patients leaving your office heading to a retail pharmacy and consider each prescription could be worth $12, $15, $18 or more, that is the type of revenue you are losing if you do not have an FCHS Pharmacy in your office.

By implementing point of care dispensing you will be able to increase your revenue. This can be done through cash payments, insurance adjudication or worker’s comp reimbursement

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